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Friday, 23 September 2016

7 Things Feminism can destroy.

Feminism is a like a quicksand in a marriage when both lovers' emotions sink slowly.

The issue with feminism cannot be over-emphasized as its reaction on women even on social media can be annoying.

Here are 10 things Feminism can destroy:

1. Your Marriage and Sex life: The moment a woman starts believing that emotions are bad and displaying them is a weakness and that business comes before pleasure, then the marriage is at a crossed road. Feminism makes a woman focus more on being successful and neglect family issues that may seems little at first but escalates so fast.

Some women want a man with good characteristics like, handsome, tall, rich etc, but will be outraged when if men seek same list of qualities. That is hypocritical. Feminist are hardly proud of something. It is against their mantra of gender equality. Feminist, especially in Nigeria should realize that it is not easy to fit in feminism into a relationship when marriage is basically a patriarchal construct. 
Enough said...........

2.Feminism kills the Nice Guys: Feminism has disrupted a gender equilibrium that existed for centuries when men exerted their control and superiority over women. Feminism can destroyed the balance that have made it difficult for a man to find a decent woman who cherishes him and can be a suitable mother to his children.

3.Love: On my first point, I talked about how hypocritical a woman can be. A feminist wants equality with the men but if you don't agree to foot the bill on a dinner, they say you are not a gentleman. These scenario explains the confusion of Feminism. When you complain of how protective your man is (which is also a sign that a man loves you), does it mean men should just remain tamed even when it signals danger? 
This shows that there is a conflict between Chivalry and Feminism.

"When a man kneels before a woman, its a gesture of Chivalry. When a woman kneels before a man, its unseemly.-Gabriel's Inferno"

4. Free Speech:  When you give a feminist freedom of expression, the below is what you get.

" The nuclear family must be destroyed...Whether its ultimate meaning, the break-up of families now is an objectively revolutionary process"-Linda Gordon.

"Since marriage constitutes slavery for  women, it is clear that the women's movement must concentrate on attacking this institution(marriage). Freedom of woman cannot be won without the abolition of marriage"-Sheila Cronin, Leader of the Feminist Organisation

5. It can kill the Art of Home Cooking: Feminist sees home cooking at home as a duty of a weak woman. Hmmm...Madam boss lady

6.  It destroys a woman: What remains of a woman who wants to be a man and shares equal responsibilities? Confusion sets in. Women are very emotional in nature but feminism says otherwise. This has forced a lot of feminists to find solution to being emotional. As crazy as it sounds, some women take hard drugs to make to achieve this.

7. The Family: Going with the quote from Linda Gordon on free speech, it is clear to say FeministS don't give a hoot how the family survives. They are too busy to look after the family, too busy to put the house in order. When a woman is lackadaisical on fixing family issues, you know what happens next...

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