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Sunday, 9 October 2016

My Nieces are Sex addicts--Lady

A colleague of mine shared this with me. She needs help.

"I shouldn't be telling you this, but it has gotten to the point where a third party's advice is needed to stop the dirty sex addiction among my nieces.  I wouldn't want neither my name or theirs to be disclosed when you make it public.
I have 3 nieces from the same parents whom I used to live with when they were still kids. The eldest was 10years while the other two were 8 and 6 years respectively.  The eldest Cynthia (Not real name) was in Primary 5 as at the time I started living with them and the other 2 were still in primary 4 & 3.
They were the best kids to spend time with when you are bored. Smart, pretty and funny girls.
I never knew they could be this loose today.
Fast forward...... when the eldest got to JSS 3 at the age of 14, she got pregnant for her classmate. That was when the whole drama started. The parents were so bittered that she had to stop schooling and remain at home until she gives birth. Unfortunately, she didn't learn from her mistakes. Despite being pregnant, reports still comes that she sleeps with the street boys that they had to nickname her "Cheerful Giver".
During this period of her pregnancy, I was not living with them again. I got to here this stories from her mother. I visited them and counseled her thoroughly and told her the danger of her action on her unborn child.  She promised to stop.
For months, she minimized her waywardness until they moved out of that area.
She gave birth later that year but the story worsen after 10months of childbirth. She went back to her wayward life and became worse.
Now, she has carried her other two sisters along as they now sleep with every Tom, Dick and Harry in that street both day and night. They are 22, 20 and 18 years today and they are known for their waywardness.
I think this has become a spiritual case because nothing you tell them that they listen to. They lost their father last year to a car accident and life has become a nightmare for their mother.
Please, I need advice or solution to this disgrace in the family"
From Agatha(Not real name)
Well, I am not an expert in sex therapy. Your advice is welcomed.

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