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Sunday, 2 October 2016

Random Facts you must know

1. More people have died by taking selfie in 2015 than Shark attacks

2. There are about 50 million guns in Yemen, a country of about 26 million people

3. In 2015, Apple Inc. was worth more than Switzerland, Sweden or Nigeria.

4.You can burn 20% fat by exercising in the morning on an empty stomach.

5.Road traffic accidents kill more people around the world than Malaria.

6.Eating too much meat can accelerate your body's biological age

7.Sperm Whales are the loudest animals on Earth. Their calls reach up to 230 decibels.

8.Once you become the President of the United State, you can no longer drive on public roads

9.The world record for the most candles ever put on a birthday cake was 50,151

10. Most of the genetic changes and muscle memory spurred by exercise are lost by a month or two of no training, a study found.

11. Albert Einstein cheated on his wife, belittled her scientific achievements, and refused to help out around the house and made her sign a contract in which she would agree to leave the room or stop talking if he ask her to do so.

12..In 2014, a single packing space on London was sold for £400,000


14. Humans spend 13% of their lives not focusing on anything in particular.

15. The Great Mosque at Djenne in Mali is the largest mud structure in the world.

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