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Thursday, 6 October 2016

15 Things we have done and still do but can't admit it ( You just have to admit it..lol)

1. Pose for a photo shoot and waited for minutes for the shutter sound only to find out you are recording a video.

2. Write "etc" at the end of a sentence like you have lots of examples while in real sense, you have ran out of examples.

3. Delete the whole password and re-write it just to be sure a wrong letter was not typed.

4. Promise not to tell anyone a person's secret but end up telling our best friend because that doesn't count.

5.  Say "Never mind" because you are too lazy to repeat your statement.

6. Running like a confused person to look for charger and charge your phone because you have less than 10% battery life ( Especially when you live in an area where power supply last less than 30 mins)

7. Quickly Google search a word or phrase mentioned on a forum debate or discussion because you have no idea or contribution to the topic.

8. Adding "Lol" or "Lmao" on a text so it won't sound so serious (You actually meant what you typed).

9. Send a text to someone and pretended the text was meant for someone else. E.g, Hey, sorry, not for you.

10, Google symptoms you are experiencing and ended up giving yourself a deadly sickness.

11. Send a daring text and throw your phone away from you. E.g " I am breaking up with you"

12. When we were younger, we thought the Sun and Moon follow us wherever we go.

13. Wash your teeth and tongue thoroughly before we visit the Dentist...........mouth odour things

14. Who get time read "Terms and Condition"? Scroll the damn thing and pretended we have read it.

15. Fart in public and use every thing around you to mimic the sound in order to deceive people.....

Add yours.....

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