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Wednesday, 2 November 2016

10 Double Standards Our Society Brought Us Up With

1. A woman gets this compliment often "You'd look prettier if you smiled", but no man has ever been told this..

2. You drool at a woman's cleavage but when you see her breastfeeding a baby, you squeeze your face in discomfort

3. You see a girl with make-up tells her " Dear, you don't need a make-up to look pretty", and when you see her without make-up you be like " Oh my God! You don't look too good, hope all is well?"

4. Man with armpit hairs--Sexy. Woman with armpit hairs----Ewww

5. Fat ladies be like " Accept my body the way I am", but when they see a skinny lady, they be like " Geez! This lady looks sick like a HIV patient.

6. How we see an action man---- Strong, Muscular, Bloody.

How we see an action woman---Perfect hair, Perfect clothes, Perfect make-up

7. Woman plays with little children(especially boys)--Awww! She is such a nice woman.
Man plays with little children----Hmmm..this one is potential paedophile

8. A man speaks his mind and shows his good leadership skills is considered a good boss. A woman speaks her mind and shows her good leadership skills is considered bossy, arrogant or aggressive.

9. A childless man is normal and requires patience. A childless woman is considered a witch or she has aborted her womb...smh.

10. Making love to a girl and she screams "harder!". Go harder on her and she complains you hit her hard because you don't love her

Add yours....

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